Practical Secrets In Bobsweep

During a recently available round at a four star local course, I came across among the special individuals I mentioned previously. Let’s call he “Bob “.My partner and I met Bob on the green of the tenth hole. I’d enjoyed a very solid front 9. I was having a good time and enjoying the day. I began the back nine by stripping one down the center of the fairway. That’s when all of it started initially to go wrong. You see, Bob’s assignment for the afternoon was to syringe the greens. I will almost hear the thoughts of the superintendent; “Ok, just hold the hose on the brown area. I know he is able to do that without screwing it up.” And that’s pretty sound logic, but what he forgot is that the green is the most important area on the course! Bob obviously didn’t understand that.

As my partner and I approached our tee shots, we saw Bob for the first time standing with his hose on the green (I can already see the comments piling up for that line). We didn’t think much of it once we got out of our cart and prepared to hit our approach shots. I was away, so I pulled the magic number and stepped up to my ball. I looked at the green expecting to see an open green with Bob and his hose off sideways somewhere. Instead, I saw Bob and his hose still right in front of the flag! His hose was literally wrapped around the hole and he was standing about twenty feet before the pin! I thought to myself, “he mustn’t have experienced us pull up, so I’ll wait “.

It wasn’t but a few seconds before he looked up at us, back down, and continued watering like we weren’t even there! Now I started to have thrilled! What is this man thinking? He’s got 100 ft. of hose all around the green and he’s standing right facing the pin! I chose to just stand there. How could I hit to a natural included in a hose and Bob standing right by the pin? After what felt like 10 minutes but was probably a lot more like 90 seconds, he finally began to move out from the way. However, rather than leaving the green, he moved from facing the pin to directly behind it leaving his hose extended all over the green. So now in place of taking into consideration the shot that I’m trying hitting, I’m thinking about this moron and his hose on the green. I’m thinking about what will happen when I hit him or his hose!

Now, I’m standing on the ball full of anger and frustration and you can guess how good of a go I hit. I chucked my one hundred and sixty yard shot about a hundred yards. I’ll spare you the facts of the remaining hole, but it had been ugly. When we finally got around the green, it had been more of the exact same with your buddy Bob. My partner had to ask Bob to go his hose so he could chip as much as the pin. Bob looked surprised and confused at the request! From then on hole, I was so angry and flustered that I lost my focus for the rest of the round.

These kind of things should not happen! Is it possible to imagine the pro’s attempting to play with those kinds of distractions? I can see it now, “Just hold on tight Ernie, let me finish syringing this green here. I’m going to be from the way in a couple minutes. Just sit tight.” Look, I realize that maintenance employees want to do their job while we customers are reaping the reward of these bobsweep labor. However, they must be something we see briefly and forget about. We ought to remember how well groomed the course is, how pretty the flowers are, and how lucky we can be out there. The last thing we ought to remember is just a maintenance worker that is the legitimate basis for a dreadful round. I realize that many people will say, “You need to be tough enough mentally to manage distractions like that.” But, how can I be likely to be stronger mentally than the pros are anticipated to be? Maintenance workers ought to be reminded daily that the customers are the folks the course depends on to pay their salary. So stay out of these way!

Now, it’s only fair that we mention one other side of the story as well. For most of you maintenance guys and gals who understand what you’re doing, many thanks! For instance, to the guy that’s mowing around the green and pulls over to shut off his mower while you play through the hole, thank you. On the road to the next hole, he offers you a smile and a wave as you pass him. That’s what I’m discussing! That’s how I desire to be treated when I spend my hard-earned money to play a tennis course! I do want to feel just like Bob is very happy to see me! I need him to enhance my positive experience on the golf course. Lots of you do and you need to be appreciated and thanked for doing your job the proper way. So many thanks to those of you who remember that customer care is still part of your job even though you’re not behind the counter in the pro shop.


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