Details Of Hair Plant – The Options

The usage of laser to get rid of unwanted hair is popular over the globe. This technique is increasingly utilized by men and women to remove unwanted body hair for a protracted amount of time. The most effective part about laser hair removal treatment is that, the outcomes could be permanent nearly all the times. Unlike other forms of removing body hair, it gives people who have fast and effective results. Also, the patients do not need to feel lots of pain while undergoing this treatment. It offers them with a cost-effective way to manage the problem of unwanted hair.

How can it work?

In this process of removing body hair, concentrated laser beam is positioned on the skin. The light penetrates the superficial layers of the skin and is absorbed by the melanin within the hair follicles. This results in a rise in the temperature of the follicles and heat generated by exactly the same destroys the hair follicles i.e. the root of the hair, without causing any damage to other tissues of the skin. After the hair follicles are damaged, the growth of hair is stopped for a long time period (permanently in several cases).

Kinds of lasers utilized in the procedure

In accordance with complexion and the type of hair of the person, the technician will make use of a specific kind of laser to complete the procedure. The several types of lasers which are found in this procedure include:

Ruby Laser: emits a wavelength of 695 nm and is utilized on fair skin and dark hair.

Alexandrite Laser: it includes a wavelength of 755 nm and is utilized on individuals with dark and medium skin tone. It is ideal for removing hair from legs, underarms, back etc.

Laser diode: it is recognized as by some dermatologists to be the most effective type of laser, employed in laser hair removal. It comes with a wavelength of 810 nm and is suited to fair skin and dark hair.

Neodymium Yag Laser: with a wavelength of 1064 nm it could be utilized on all skin types. However, this kind of laser may not necessarily give you the patients with the desired results.

Important Tips

When choosing gel injection treatment, make sure that you choose for a clinic that is reputed and has usage of the most up-to-date equipments to achieve this procedure. Also, avoid excessive contact with sunlight before and through the hair removal sessions.


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