Painless Support And Service Of Hp Designjet Plotters Since 1995 Programs – An Analysis

The DesignJet 2500 was the very first in an extended type of HP Plotters, which enable the printing of top quality documents in large scale. The technical dilemma of feeding large sheets of paper and storing and delivering the mandatory high volumes of ink had been finally overcome. Since 1997, the merchandise are becoming ever more sophisticated, coping with both improved quality and print speed that the current user demands.

The DesignJet 2500 was followed up by the DesignJet 3500 whose unique feature was so it was able to print onto paper widths of 54 inches utilizing the ink jet method of printing and ever since then the quality and performance of the HP DesignJet range has continued to be enhanced and improved.

One of the biggest issues for users of these machines has been the Total Cost of Ownership of these high initial investment business tools. The first cost is of course the major investment, nevertheless the ongoing cost of keeping these machines running when it comes to maintenance and ink may also be significant.

Because of this many organizations will often contract with a specialist supplier of plotters to look after their mission critical “super-printers” – and these contracts often specify response and fix times so that users can be assured that their plotter will not be down for too long available day. The price of these contracts can be quite modest when comparing to paying the one-off charges of the same companies when they’re invited to go to on an ad-hoc basis.

When taking care of an ad hoc non-contracted basis there is usually no question of a guaranteed response time, guaranteed fix time, or even Support and service of HP Designjet plotters since 1995 a replacement plotter pending repair. For some organizations a maintenance contract must certanly be an important part of their business continuity program.

In addition to routine maintenance in addition it is practical to service a plotter at least once a year with regards to the level of printing and regardless of whether there are any immediate issues. An annual service allows the pro active management of plotters ensuring less down times on a planned and managed basis. Often these routine visits can be secured at a fair cost if taken out at once as the more traditional maintenance contract.

Along with maintenance and support services it can be important to locate a good value but reliable supplier of the ink cartridges associated together with your HP Plotter – very the company which maintains your plotter will also supply the ink at competitive prices to ensure your loyalty and it often pays to question them about supply before you check around and commit to a not known and potentially unreliable supplier.


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